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Vegan Pie

I’ve been working on a few simple recipes to share on this blog.

Being a cake maker I am fortunate that I always have flour, chocolate, sugar, and nuts in stock. At least this is my normal habit when not in a global emergency. In this challenging situation I realised that I have to be very careful not to use up all of my ingredients at the beginning of lockdown. I was lucky and last week managed to do some shopping at the supermarket. It was only a week ago when nearly everything in the UK was normal, except the obvious evidence of panic buying: no fresh fruit, vegetables, sugar, flour, toilet paper and limited access to some essentials, like butter, eggs, milk. At the till I was stopped because I tried to buy too many eggs. It is particularly painful in my household where we eat lots of eggs, in many forms not to mention baking cakes.

At the moment we are in quarantine for two weeks with kids. Since we are at home and started home education, one of us is constantly busy in the kitchen. Providing healthy food from morning until the end of the day is really exhausting even though I normally like to feed people around me.

Probably many of you are feeling the same way and would like to try out new recipes with limited access to ingredients. My experience is that the corner shops stock lots of interesting products that people do not buy mainly because they do not know how to use or eat them.

This recipe is one of my favourites. The beginner-friendly dough is extra easy to roll out and no one will notice that it was made without eggs or butter.

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